Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XX: The Outbreak of the Hardcore Psychopaths mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XX: The Outbreak of the Hardcore Psychopathsby Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:28:53


Disk #1

1.Hardcore Psychopath (No Cure mix)by Re-Style4:47
2.Your Choice (and Tommyknocker)by The Stunned Guys4:09
3.Delugeby DJ Dione3:59
4.Everybody Fuck Nowby Kid Morbid3:38
5.The Demon Touchby D-Spirit4:12
6.The Thousand Faces Conspirationby Art of Fighters3:38
7.The Fast Laneby Angerfist3:14
8.Nothing Is What It Seemsby Nosferatu5:01
9.Time Is on My Sideby Day-Már3:25
10.Causin' Panic (DJ Paul remix)by The Alienator3:57
11.Dance With the Wolvesby Angerfist3:32
12.Bij Gebrek Aan Beter (and Promo)by Alex B4:29
13.Co-Kaneby Re-Style3:43
14.Predator & Preyby Ophidian4:32
15.Dominator (Stunned Guys mix)by Human Resource5:30
16.My Critic Fetishby Angerfist3:59
17.Microtronic (and Lenny Dee)by Tieum4:13
18.Conflict 05 (and Drokz)by DJ Outblast3:22

Disk #2

1.Dominator (Outblast & Angerfist mix)by Human Resource5:01
2.The 2 Men Kartelby 2 Men Kartel4:20
3.Loose Control (Korsakoff remix) (vs. The VIper)by DJ D5:20
4.Fucking Assholeby Noize Suppressor4:03
5.Take Ya Downby Re-Style3:32
6.Nasty Girlby Lady Dana4:24
7.Frustrated Nosferatu4:28
8.Rape the Planet (and Darkcontroller)by Negative A3:49
9.Twistby Tommyknocker4:03
10.I'm Your Enemyby Art of Fighters3:27
11.Masenka (and Ruffneck)by Endymion4:03
12.Breathby Meccano Twins3:36
13.LDMFby Masochist3:38
14.No Inspirationby D-Spirit4:03
15.Bedtime Storyby Day-Már3:02
16.With the Fresh Styleby Angerfist3:21
17.Useless School (vs. Tafkat & The VIzitor)by Drokz3:38
18.Boxedby The Destroyer7:45