Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XXXIV: The Torment of Triton mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XXXIV: The Torment of Tritonby Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:31:47


Disk #1

1.The Torment of Triton (Official Masters of Hardcore Anthem)by Korsakoff5:13
2.Cryptby Wasted Mind2:55
3.Blood (Tha Playah remix)by Hellsystem5:25
4.No More Noctophobia (Outblast remix)by Korsakoff4:03
5.Get a Life (and Mad Dog)by Noize Suppressor3:23
6.Cast of Catastrophe (and Outblast)by Angerfist4:34
7.Breathe (and D-Passion)by Ophidian4:57
8.Now U're Fuckedby Rayden3:44
9.Get Her Nowby Javi Boss4:47
10.Chainsawby Noize Suppressor4:42
11.Revisiting (Decipher & Shinra remix)by Angeldust3:59
12.Dirtyby Day-Mar3:50
13.Salvationby Hellsystem4:15
14.The Reckoningby Crossfiyah4:16
15.Faka Twoby Javi Boss4:06
16.The Rawkusby Negative A3:49
17.Pagans (and Angerfist)by Lowroller4:01
18.Brand New Kickzby Drokz3:53

Disk #2

1.Pink Noise (State of Emergency remix)by Korsakoff4:12
2.Stompby T-Junction4:24
3.Shut Upby Wasted Mind4:17
4.Masterplan (State of Emergency & Outblast. feat. MC Syco remix)by Dyewitness4:18
5.The Strangersby The Outside Agency4:04
6.Eternity (You Will Never Be Forgotten) (and Outblast)by Korsakoff4:36
7.Tied by Sound (Official Syndicate Anthem)by Masters Elite4:23
8.How the World Has Ended (and Angerfist)by Hellsystem4:30
9.Victorious (and Tha Playah)by Noize Suppressor3:52
10.Only Pain Is Realby Nitrogentics4:08
11.Wide Eyed Innocence (and Ruffneck feat. Ellie)by Nosferatu4:54
12.Raw Intelligenceby Pandorum4:18
13.My Worldby Decipher & Shinra3:53
14.Culture of Chaos (feat. MC Syco)by Dyprax3:56
15.Declasified (and Rudeboy)by Accelarator4:09
16.The Originalby Tomcat3:56
17.Path of Recoveryby Counterfeit4:14
18.The Club Crushers (and Akira)by Drokz3:51