Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XXXV: The Conquest Of Fury mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XXXV: The Conquest Of Furyby Various Artists

  • 51 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:49:22


Disk #1

1.The Conquest Of Fury (Official Masters Of Hardcore 2013 Anthem)by Re-Style5:52
2.When You're Gone (and Radical Redemption)by Angerfist3:53
3.The Futureby Dyprax4:33
4.Fade To Nothing (and Tha Playah)by Nosferatu4:45
5.All The Timeby Javi Boss4:37
6.Time Has Comeby State of Emergency3:57
7.Pull The Strings (Crossfiyah Remix) (and Rudeboy)by Tomcat3:59
8.The Masqueby Catscan4:34
9.More Powerful Than Godby Wasted Mind4:01
10.Dawn Of The Endby Accelarator4:34
11.The Sufferingby Negative A3:29
12.Arise (Masters of Hardcore Austria Anthem) (and Dyprax)by State of Emergency4:40
13.Badass (vs. N3AR)by Lowroller4:17
14.Santiago (and Miss K8)by Angerfist4:24
15.Forgery (and Predator)by Triax4:25
16.Take Shots At Criticismby Negative A4:30
17.Frighteningby Javi Boss4:07
18.Bang Bangby Drokz3:22

Disk #2

1.Become A Masterby Wasted Mind4:09
2.Street Fighterby Angerfist4:12
3.No More Goodbyeby Korsakoff5:14
4.The Greatest Armyby T-Junction4:34
5.Strengthby Nosferatu5:31
6.Murder & Crimeby Dyprax4:12
7.Rageby Crossfiyah4:12
8.Gates Of Hellby Catscan4:23
9.Reasonby Wasted Mind3:57
10.Liquid8by Miss K84:34
11.The Fallen (and Lowroller)by Negative A4:45
12.Moque Baroque Avant Gardeby Project Omeaga4:23
13.Angelogicby Angeldust4:11
14.Dimensionby Javi Boss4:00
15.Down Under (Masters of Hardcore Australia Anthem)by Decipher & Shinra3:57
16.Hellfireby Negative A3:57
17.Swerveby I:Gor3:54
18.Crawlers (Akira Remix)by Bong-ra3:50

Disk #3

1.The Conquest Of Fury (Official Masters Of Hardcore 2013 Anthem)by Re-Style7:03
2.Avalon (feat. Nikkita)by Re-Style4:50
3.Mastermindby Re-Style4:54
4.Renovation (Angerfist Remix)by Re-Style5:14
5.Out Of Darkness (feat. Bass-D)by Re-Style5:01
6.Wasteland (Bassleader Anthem)by Re-Style3:40
7.Underground Society (feat. Javi Boss & MC Syco)by Re-Style5:20
8.One Hardcore Mindby Re-Style4:20
9.Come True (Hellsystem Remix)by Re-Style4:59
10.Unconquered (feat. Korsakoff)by Re-Style3:46
11.Relytser (Nitrogenetics Remix)by Re-Style5:23
12.Get It Crackin (Final 2013 Edit)by Re-Style4:23
13.How We Play (feat. MC Tha Watcher)by Re-Style4:28
14.Retrospectiveby Re-Style5:19
15.League Of Shadows (feat. Catscan)by Re-Style4:48