Matrix Downloaded 008 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Matrix Downloaded 008by Various Artists

  • 55 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:06:13


1.After The Break Upby Essence of Mind4:58
2.Carmena Saturnaby I:Scintilla5:44
3.Lamentby Lovelorn Dolls3:06
4.That's What It Feels Like In My Headby Halo in Reverse4:37
5.Tetrachromaticby Helalyn Flowers4:22
6.Mirror Terrorby Synapsyche5:03
7.Trojan Horseby Avarice in Audio4:54
8.Happiness Imperativeby H.O.W.3:46
9.Ghost (feat. Entrzelle)by Psy'Aviah4:15
10.The Dark Inside Her Eyes (Bunker Edit)by Llumen4:38
11.Renegadesby Mental Exile3:50
12.Starlightby SD-KRTR4:00
13.Infectionby Diffuzion5:38
14.Cannonballsby Cosmic Armchair4:49
15.Real (Bunker Mix)by Kant Kino4:11
16.Stormchaser (Avarice In Audio Mix)by Entrzelle5:56
17.Politics Of Greed (ReAdjust Remix)by The Psychic Force4:14
18.The Circus Of Falseby Reactor7x4:51
19.Stories (Short Edit)by Mildreda3:58
20.My Animocity (Humility Mix)by Mainesthai4:45
21.Giving In, Life & Limbby Mentallo & The Fixer3:25
22.Architects Of Artificeby Venal Flesh6:04
23.Winky Tango Romeo (Extended)by Növö7:03
24.Oxynoxe (Karl Hefner & Hugh Lagerfeld Remix)by Implant3:33
25.Berlinby Aesthetische4:48
26.A Tribe Of My Own (and De Meyer)by Lederman4:24
27.Resist (Venal Flesh Remix)by Armageddon Dildos4:31
28.Teufelskreis (Armageddon Dildos Remix)by Die Robo Sapiens3:43
29.A Little Naughtyby Junksista3:17
30.Without Us You Are Nothingby IMJudas3:31
31.Ready To Dieby Alien Vampires5:32
32.All You Cannot See (Crytek Mix)by Mondträume4:06
33.Feed Her To The Wolvesby Ayria4:54
34.In My Arms (7" Mix)by Aïboforcen4:35
35.Tanz 3 - Danse Mécaniqueby Elektroklänge6:51
36.Believe (Matrix Remix)by Technoir3:39
37.Memorabiliaby Metroland3:39
38.(Remote) Control (Implant Remix)by Plastic Noise Experience4:00
39.H8 U (Kant Kino Club Remix)by Pouppée Fabrikk4:29
40.You Can't Fuck Me (Remix)by AD:KeY3:54
41.Wapenrustningby ELM2:54
42.Sleep Tonight (8741 Club Mix)by Benestrophe4:30
43.GxSTxPx 4c (Bunker Edit)by Dunkelwerk4:03
44.Wutrichby Schwarzblut4:33
45.Dress Machineby Sin.Sin3:49
46.Panic Attack (Venal Flesh Mix)by Zombie Girl5:35
47.Helden (Extended Version) (feat. Hubert Kah)by Totem Obscura4:34
48.Forever (Technolorgy Remix)by Siva Six4:37
49.Music Is My Religionby Komor Kommando3:40
50.Shiver (Aesthetische Cold Mix)by Star Industry4:04
51.Into Rageby Neikka RPM3:10
52.Vampireby Studio-X5:07
53.Das Ist Lautby Circuito Cerrado4:30
54.Fucking Dayby Aengeldust4:11
55.Schwarzer Adlerby Acylum5:23