Maxi Power Dance, Volume 8 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Maxi Power Dance, Volume 8by Various Artists

  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:29:32


Disk #1

1.Jump for Joy (edit)by 2 Unlimited3:43
2.Captain Jack (Peacecamp mix)by Captain Jack5:30
3.Doh Wah Diddy (Dee Dee Fun-Tastic extended)by Fun Factory4:43
4.Magic Carpet Ride (Ulti mix)by Mighty Dub Katz6:04
5.Cry India (radio edit)by Umboza3:30
6.Nanaya (Aladins radio version)by Cabballero3:58
7.Knockin' (original version)by Double Vision5:23
8.Back on Plastic (short cut)by AWeX3:42
9.Now (Harmonix)by CYB4:26
10.It's Whats Upfront That Counts (Smart 7" mix) (presents Lovedeejay Akemi)by Yosh4:22
11.Rock It (Bitch edit)by Baby Bitch4:57
12.Sex Machine (club mix) (feat. Katrina)by 20 Fingers4:04
13.No Doubt About It (Allnighters-Remix)by Phantomas4:49
14.The Nighttrain (original version)by Kadok4:53
15.Let's Get Ready to Rumble (dub mix) (feat. Michael Buffer)by K.O.'s5:40
16.Miracle of Love (video mix)by Intermission3:44

Disk #2

1.Fun for Meby Moloko5:09
2.Throw Ya Hands in the Air '95 (The Remix)by Flip da Scrip5:30
3.I Don't Wanna Be a Star (Lee Marrow & The Magnificent 70's mix)by Corona6:25
4.Land of Dreaming (Gospel club mix)by Masterboy5:14
5.Help Me Mr. Dick (radio edit)by E-Rotic3:43
6.Love Is the Answer (radio edit)by Sir Prize3:07
7.(He's a) Dreamer (Universe radio mix)by Two Culture3:35
8.We Party (radio edit)by Dumpy3:27
9.I Love to Love (club mix)by La Bouche6:03
10.Get Away (Stonebridge + Nick Nice radio edit)by Shauna Davis3:39
11.Bang Bang (Broadcast mix)by Bangman3:09
12.Bump Bump Booty Shake (radio version)by 740 Boyz3:42
13.Bang (Votu club mix)by KC Flightt4:03
14.So Pure (Greed's Euphorik club mix)by Baby D7:12
15.Too Hot (extended clean version)by Coolio4:33
16.Children (Dream version)by Robert Miles7:33

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