Mega Hardcore mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Mega Hardcoreby Various Artists

  • 80 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:12:42


Disk #1

1.I Wanna Be a Hippy (Zippy mix)by Technohead4:20
2.Fukem Allby DJ Dano4:03
3.Fucking Hostileby Fuckin Hostile2:51 DJ Hooligan4:35
5.Freedomby Chosen Few4:33
6.Ahh Soulby Elvis Jackson4:10
7.Abba-Gabbaby Riot Nation3:53
8.AD-DAby The Original Gabber3:35
9.My House Is Your Houseby Vitamin4:13
10.Manic Cure (and Liza 'N' Eliaz)by DJ Dano3:44
11.R U Readyby Lords of Illusion4:03
12.Happy Birthday (Timitico's radio Blast)by Technohead3:08
13.4 Gunzby Chosen Few3:13
14.Big Time Nose (and ZE'V)by DJ Dano3:59
15.To da Rhythm (and Dark Raver)by Lenny Dee4:20
16.Pump That Puzzy (Technohead mix)by The Original Gabber4:15
17.I'll Show You My Gunby Annihilator3:32
18.Revolutionby High Energy3:56
19.I Control Your Body (and Ralphie Dee)by Lenny Dee3:35
20.Panic Button (Nightmare mix)by Omar Santana3:51

Disk #2

1.Shoot Me Motherfuckerby Da Asskicka4:40
2.Fuck Them Upby Cyko Corps3:49
3.Savage Damageby Hell Distortion4:13
4.Eastcoast Killerby Da Hardbeat Creators5:42
5.Hard-A-Tek-No-Coreby EMM3:52
6.The Evil Goes Bangby STC4:05
7.The Ghost Machineby DJ Deuch3:45
8.The Alarmby Zero Tolerance3:06
9.I'm Hardcore Nowby Sparky3:28
10.Psychic Disturbance (Sadness)by Violhaine3:43
11.Hardcore Is Inside Youby The Dopesmoka5:05
12.Let Us Proceedby Salvo3:47
13.Starting Up Againby Hardcoresequencer3:07
14.Rave Nationby Army of Terror3:58
15.V101by The Party Starter4:05
16.Your Fucking Mindby Flippin' Gee3:50
17.Symphonic Identityby Secret Id3:17
18.Time for Hardcoreby Scumphyte3:07
19.Bass Kickby Headcracker3:25
20.Little Sheep (This Is Hard)by The Terrorist3:41

Disk #3

1.Hamptonby Laurent Hô3:39
2.Power Dominion (and Ralphie Dee)by Lenny Dee3:50
3.Energy Boost (and Liza 'N' Eliaz)by DJ Dano4:13
4.Ravedomeby Chosen Few4:08
5.Mad Creator (Fucking 32nd St mix)by Omar Santana4:21
6.Misadventures of the Spiegel Man, Part 2by Party Animals4:18
7.Accelerator (Dark mix)by Technohead3:33
8.Voodoo Vibeby Tellurian3:42
9.This Is Not the Endby Walter One3:29
10.When Evil Returns (and Nico)by DJ Dano3:31
11.Hardcore Will Never Die (Acid Overload)by Hammerhead4:52
12.Party!by Chosen Few3:36
13.Immortalityby Maniac of Noize3:40
14.I'm Godby Morphix3:46
15.Oooooh Shit (Shit'e' Brooklyn mix)by DJ Dano3:18
16.The Passion (Mokum mix)by Technohead4:15
17.Freak Tonightby Speedfreak4:23
18.Don't Fuck With Meby The Original Gabber3:33
19.Narcoterrorby Elvis Jackson3:57
20.Gimme a Break! (and Liza 'N' Eliaz)by DJ Dano3:45

Disk #4

1.Hardcore Worldwideby Resonance4:06
2.Punishment of Deathby Secret Id4:31
3.Silence Before We Strikeby DHM5:20
4.Original Gangsterby Scarface2:57
5.Strictly Hardby The Dopesmoka4:40
6.Fear of the Denial (vs. Habitant)by The Crypt4:23
7.I'm a Criminalby Undacuffa Idahosa4:52
8.Secret Life'sby Hardcore Gangsta4:20
9.Bowdownby Catachist3:40
10.I Have Lost My Mindby Hard by Nature3:53
11.Assholeby Rotterdam Terrorizers3:45
12.Fade Outby Flippin' Gee3:37
13.Pump Diz Partyby Digital XTC3:01
14.Downing Bitchby Carapace4:48
15.Part of Brainsby Sparky3:24
16.Mothafuckazby Originators of Massacre3:51
17.Laughingby DJ Deception3:53
18.Relaxby S-P-E-C-I-E-S4:07
19.Liberty Freedomby Army of Darkness3:09
20.Turn Up the Baseby DJ Justice3:02

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