Miklós Rózsa Treasury (1949-1968) (Deluxe Edition), CD6 mp3 Artist Compilation by Miklós Rózsa

Miklós Rózsa Treasury (1949-1968) (Deluxe Edition), CD6by Miklós Rózsa

  • 41 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:17:09


1.YOUNG BESS: Prelude; Hatfield House2:20
2.Reminiscing; Anne Boleyn's Execution; Exit Anne Boleyn2:29
3.Changing Mothers; King Henry1:44
4.New Stepmother; Katherine Howard's Execution; Hatfield Again1:03
5.Tom Seymour's Mission; Whitehall; Prince Of Wales3:48
7.Dies Irae5:10
8.Princess Elizabeth - Appointment With Love2:04
9.Long Live The King; Anne Boleyn's Daughter; Dinner Music2:55
10.Dreams; Reality1:41
12.The King's Diary; The King's Finances; The King's English; Returning Hero3:29
13.Your Majesty; Royal Tact1:39
14.Old Harry; Chelsea4:15
15.Love Will Find Out The Way0:38
16.King's Ballad1:29
17.Dansk Dance; A Toye4:09
18.Desperate Love1:21
19.Crossroads; Catherine Parr's End4:31
20.King's Birthday2:08
21.Bad News Day; Night Visitor; Farewell6:46
24.Long Live the Queen0:08
26.BONUS: See-Saw Song (source vocal)0:19
27.BONUS: Reminiscing (original version)0:34
28.BONUS: Exit Anne Bolyn (original version)1:02
29.BONUS: Hatfield Again (original version)0:37
30.BONUS: Up Again (deleted cue)0:15
31.BONUS: King's Barge (source)1:11
32.BONUS: Long Live The King (alternate)0:12
33.BONUS: Anne Boleyn's Daughter (original version)0:15
34.BONUS: See-Saw Song (prerecording)2:02
35.BONUS: Love Will Find Out The Way (prerecording)1:10
36.BONUS: King's Ballad (original version)1:28
37.BONUS: Dansk Dance (prerecording1:52
38.BONUS: Dans Dance (original version)1:42
39.BONUS: Tom Seymour's Execution (source)1:28
40.BONUS: Her Majesty (alternate)0:33
41.BONUS: See-Saw Song (source vocal)0:22