Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition, CD63 mp3 Artist Compilation by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition, CD63by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:12:55


1.Cassation In B-Flat, K. 99: I. Marche2:49
2.Cassation In B-Flat, K. 99: II. Allegro Molto3:42
3.Cassation In B-Flat, K. 99: III. Andante4:27
4.Cassation In B-Flat, K. 99: IV. Menuet2:38
5.Cassation In B-Flat, K. 99: V. Andante3:39
6.Cassation In B-Flat, K. 99: VI. Menuet2:27
7.Cassation In B-Flat, K. 99: VII. Allegro: Andante - Allegro - Andante - Marche7:03
8.Divertimento In E-Flat, K. 113: I. Allegro3:59
9.Divertimento In E-Flat, K. 113: II. Andante3:49
10.Divertimento In E-Flat, K. 113: III. Menuetto: Trio1:50
11.Divertimento In E-Flat, K. 113: IV. Allegro3:25
12.Divertimento In D, K. 131: I. Allegro5:10
13.Divertimento In D, K. 131: II. Adagio8:25
14.Divertimento In D, K. 131: III. Menuetto5:46
15.Divertimento In D, K. 131: IV. Allegretto3:16
16.Divertimento In D, K. 131: V. Menuetto3:58
17.Divertimento In D, K. 131: VI. Adagio: VII. Allegro Molto6:32