Murder For You To Eat / Untitled mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Murder For You To Eat / Untitledby Various Artists

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 13:59


1.Fuck The Natoby Malignant Tumour1:20
2.Industrial Intelectby Malignant Tumour0:49
3.We're Missing A Libertyby Malignant Tumour1:13
4.Animals As A Presentby Malignant Tumour1:10
5.Razor Sharp Daggers [Agathocles Cover]by Malignant Tumour0:40
6.Hypocritical Scene (Live)by Malignant Tumour1:57
7.Intro - Late Cadaveric Phenomenonsby Malignant Tumour1:51
8.Painful Method Of Masturbationby Malignant Tumour0:59
9.Splattered Guts And Goreby Vomito1:09
10.Astresia Analby Vomito0:06
11.Purulent Menstruationby Vomito1:06
12.The Abortion Of Decomposed Foetusby Vomito0:26
13.Cachacaby Vomito0:42
14.My Private Morgueby Vomito0:31