Music For The Knee Plays (Remastered) mp3 Soundtrack by David Byrne

Music For The Knee Plays (Remastered)by David Byrne

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:19:51


1.Tree (Today Is an Important Occasion)by David Byrne4:07
2.In the Upper Roomby David Byrne3:40
3.The Sound of Businessby David Byrne6:20
4.Social Studiesby David Byrne5:00
5.(The Gift of Sound) Where the Sun Never Goes Downby David Byrne2:38
6.Theadora Is Dozingby David Byrne3:04
7.Admiral Perryby David Byrne5:33
8.I Bid You Goodnightby David Byrne2:56
9.Things to Do (I've Tried)by David Byrne3:28
10.Winterby David Byrne6:26
11.Jungle Bookby David Byrne3:44
12.In the Futureby David Byrne6:35
13.Tree (reprise)by David Byrne2:37
14.I've Tried (Things to Do)by David Byrne3:28
15.Tic Toc 2 (In the Future)by David Byrne5:36
16.Whisperby David Byrne3:18
17.Misteriasby David Byrne2:42
18.Faust Danceby David Byrne2:18
19.Ghostby David Byrne3:24
20.Super Naturalby David Byrne2:57