Music From Macbeth mp3 Soundtrack by Third Ear Band

Music From Macbethby Third Ear Band

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 43:55


1.Overtureby Third Ear Band4:20
2.The Beachby Third Ear Band1:55
3.Lady Macbethby Third Ear Band1:48
4.Inverness: MacBeth's Return / The Preparation / Fanfare / Duncan's Arrivalby Third Ear Band5:01
5.The Banquetby Third Ear Band1:22
6.Dagger And Deathby Third Ear Band2:50
7.At the Well / The Prince's Escape / Coronation / Come Sealing Nightby Third Ear Band3:04
8.Court Danceby Third Ear Band2:29
9.Fleanceby Third Ear Band4:03
10.Grooms' Danceby Third Ear Band4:22
11.Bear Baitingby Third Ear Band1:10
12.Ambush-Banquo's Ghostby Third Ear Band2:28
13.Going to Bed / Blind Man's Buff / Requiescant / Sere and Yellow Leafby Third Ear Band3:05
14.The Cauldronby Third Ear Band2:40
15.Prophesiesby Third Ear Band1:54
16.Wicca Wayby Third Ear Band1:24