Myth: The Fallen Lords mp3 Soundtrack by Martin O'Donnell

Myth: The Fallen Lordsby Martin O'Donnell

  • 19 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 26:01


1.Prologueby Martin O'Donnell2:36
2.Crow'S Bridgeby Martin O'Donnell0:29
3.A Traitor'S Graveby Martin O'Donnell1:12
4.The Siege Of Madrigalby Martin O'Donnell1:04
5.Homecomingby Martin O'Donnell1:22
6.The Fallen Lordsby Martin O'Donnell1:07
7.The Barrierby Martin O'Donnell0:50
8.The Five Championsby Martin O'Donnell1:16
9.Out Of The Barrierby Martin O'Donnell1:37
10.The Watcherby Martin O'Donnell1:15
11.Seven Gatesby Martin O'Donnell1:29
12.Heart Of The Stoneby Martin O'Donnell1:32
13.Pools Of Ironby Martin O'Donnell1:24
14.Smiths Of Muirthemneby Martin O'Donnell1:27
15.Forest Heartby Martin O'Donnell1:16
16.River Of Bloodby Martin O'Donnell1:25
17.Sons Of Myrgardby Martin O'Donnell1:34
18.The Last Battleby Martin O'Donnell1:33
19.Epilogueby Martin O'Donnell1:33