Nachtaktiv 04 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Nachtaktiv 04by Various Artists

  • 33 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:34:10


1.Flowersby Area244:06
2.And Thus He Spokeby Golden Apes4:51
3.Coldnessby Soul in Isolation5:18
4.The Fortune Of War (Reconstructed By Verney 1826)by The Victim's Ball4:38
5.Life Is Pornby Felix Marc3:31
6.I Am Backby TrümmerFrau4:27
7.Electrocop (E-Craft-Mix)by Blind Passenger4:55
8.Jund Und Erfahrenby Industriegebiet4:16
9.Deja Vuby Avoid-A-Void4:53
10.A Long Day's Journey (Towards The Night)by Les Fleurs Du Mal4:44
11.Failedby reADJUST4:05
12.State Of The Mind (Paleo Christ RMX By Implant)by XmH4:37
13.Liesby Lost Area5:53
14.Ceti Lullabyby Monody5:46
15.Toter Steinby Pandique4:55
16.Lie With Meby Anna Aliena3:43
17.Oberonby Andreas Gross3:39
18.Meine Stadtby Bodystyler3:42
19.Backstage (Demo)by goJA moon ROCKAH4:52
20.Echoby Schattenspiel3:54
21.In Your Dark Pavilionby My Dying Bride6:31
22.Kriegerby Traumtaenzer5:10
23.One Way Ticket (Edit)by Alien Sex Fiend3:28
24.Red Desasterby Dawn Goes Black5:10
25.Ein Lied Für Dich (Glory Angel 2004 Mix)by VERSUS4:23
26.Ich Soll Dir Sagenby Zeritas5:07
27.Ariaby Unitary4:44
28.Falling Downby Geodesic6:00
29.Hunting Meby Gates of Dawn4:42
30.Shine Onby Vendemmian3:37
31.Gigaby ifadeo4:23
32.Klageschreieby Bluthorn5:00
33.Schreiby Fundetta5:10