Napalm Rave, Volume 3 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Napalm Rave, Volume 3by Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:16:21


Disk #1

1.It's With Usby The Possessed5:27
2.Rotterdamby 2 Criminals on the 3rd Floor5:02
3.Ill Behaviourby Kill Your Mother4:25
4.Under Attackby Organic4:43
5.Satanic Songby Apocrypha3:33
6.Get the Fuck Outta My Wayby Boldhead Johnnie4:08
7.Hemplantby DJ Ganja3:59
8.Undergroundby F.A.M.4:34
9.Somebody Scream!!!by Brainlock4:41
10.First Assaultby Hardtechmedia3:41
11.Can You Hear This Fuckin' Beatby DJ Zicem3:39
12.Lestatby Joey Tonad4:43
13.Fuck a Bitchby Fat Agnus4:42
14.Hardcore, Part 1by Axl5:08
15.Word 2 Da Mother Fuckerby Federation Against Mellow4:11

Disk #2

1.Jesus Must Dieby Kill Your Mother5:08
2.Deeper Deeperby Organic4:34
3.Learning Experienceby Networxx3:55
4.Hardcore, Part 3by Axl4:48
5.On Your Ownby Networxx5:00
6.U Got Dieby Fuckface4:52
7.Good Timeby F.A.M.3:46
8.Hardcore, Part 2by Axl3:58
9.Marihuana Gets Me Highby Masters of Da Hardcore3:13
10.To the Beat of the Drum (and DJ Cain)by DJ Rico3:40
11.I'm Gonna Dis You Right Nowby Masters of Da Hardcore3:09
12.Basicly the Same Sexby M.O.D.H.3:37
13.Sick Son of a Bitchby Kill Your Mother4:38
14.Basic 1by Hardtechmedia2:42
15.Napalm 2 Megamixby [unknown]12:45