Napalm Rave, Volume 4 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Napalm Rave, Volume 4by Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:08:52


Disk #1

1.We Are at Warby Hardcore Posse4:00
2.Start Da Panicby Panic Master3:34
3.Put Your Hands Togetherby Screwhead3:30
4.Do You Love Your Hardcoreby Dr. Jack3:17
5.Pump Up the Bassby Erector3:31
6.Don't Allow Women Hereby Children of Rotterdam4:39
7.Rock Da Houseby 2 Terror3:11
8.Wild and Rootsyby Soundboy3:57
9.It Is Timeby DJ Zicem3:48
10.Gimme a White Lineby Clan of Fools4:58
11.Bust a Freestyleby DJ Nakko3:57
12.I'm on Push (Overdose mix)by Focus6:07
13.War on Drugsby Federation Against Mellow4:36
14.Dream Your Fantasyby The Dreamer3:58
15.Life's a Bitchby S.H.I.T.4:07
16.I Love You Mary Jane (Exodus remix)by Federation Against Mellow4:12
17.Got to Go (and DJ Zicem)by Da Bitch3:59

Disk #2

1.For Your Soulsby Lords of Evil4:21
2.On My Kneesby Warhead4:50
3.Sulphur (Special Napalm mix)by Powerstation Holocaust3:35
4.Bass Disorderby J.J.2:13
5.Alternate F1by Hardtechmedia4:35
6.Bow to Me!by 3X64:51
7.Graveyardby Audiodoom5:51
8.World of the Living, Part 1by Funboy4:19
9.World of the Living, Part 2by Funboy4:30
10.Demon Reserectionby MercyMe6:10
11.Metallic Armourby Atomkinder6:08
12.Napalm Rave Themeby Funboy4:13
13.This Is the End of Allby Unknown Demon3:55