Necrocannibal Rites (Limited Edition) mp3 Album by Bowel Stew

Necrocannibal Rites (Limited Edition)by Bowel Stew

  • 29 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 59:57


1.Invocation Of Necrocannibal Rites2:54
2.Bizarre Ovine Gang Bang1:54
3.Anal Abortion Of Mongoloid Foetus1:55
4.Intracranial Malignant Tumour1:40
5.Mondo Cane0:33
6.Fulci Metal Jacket0:58
7.Disgorgement Of Squash Clitoris0:54
8.Coprophiliac Atrocities2:38
9.Lymphatic Varicosities In The Scrotum1:01
10.Abnormal Rectal Constipation0:41
11.Bowel Stew2:55
12.Stench Of Rotten Gore2:32
13.Purulent Disfigurement1:56
14.Massacesi Commando0:11
15.Demented Acts Of Anatomical Quartering3:04
16.Perpetual Sperm Injections [Gut Cover]4:10
17.Syphilitic Warfare1:01
18.Canonized [Anarchus Cover]1:40
19.Another Lie [Unholy Grave Cover]1:12
20.Invocation Of Necrocannibal Rites (Demo)3:33
21.Splatterhouse (Demo)3:19
22.Bowel Stew (Demo)3:41
23.Putrifixion Before Death (Demo)2:13
24.Infernal Mass Grave (Demo)1:10
25.Brutal To The Bone (Demo)4:18
26.The Pulsating Feast [Regurgitate Cover]1:31
27.Intracranial Malignant Tumour (Live)1:47
28.Anal Abortion Of Mongoloid Foetus (Live)1:57
29.Stench Of Rotten Gore (Live)2:39