Nemesis mp3 Album by Two Steps From Hell
  • 44 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:37:57


Disk #1

1.Dark Ages3:30
3.Clash of Empires3:07
5.Army of Justice2:06
7.Road To Revelation2:01
8.God of Lightning2:04
9.Sons of War1:58
10.The Immortals2:13
11.Wrath of Sea1:21
12.Red Omen1:28
13.Sky Titans2:11
14.Hunter's Moon0:52
15.Moving Mountains3:04
16.Eternal Sorrow1:48
17.Fountain of Life3:31
18.Enigmatic Soul2:57
19.Dominion Heart1:36
20.False King2:20
21.Friendship To Last3:13

Disk #2

1.Army Of Justice (No Choir)2:05
2.Atlantis (No Choir)2:00
3.Clash Of Empires (No Choir)3:06
4.Dark Ages (No Choir)3:29
5.Dominion Heart (No Choir)1:34
6.Enigmatic Soul (Without Vocals)2:55
7.False King (No Choir)2:18
8.God Of Lightning (No Choir)2:02
9.Hunter's Moon (No Choir)0:50
10.Moving Mountains (No Choir)3:02
11.Nemesis (No Choir)1:22
12.Red Omen (No Choir)1:26
13.Road To Revelation (No Choir)1:59
14.Sky Titans (No Choir)2:09
15.Sons Of War (No Choir)1:56
16.The Immortals (Less Intensity)2:11
17.The Immortals (Max Intensity)2:10
18.The Immortals (Medium Intensity)2:11
19.Tristan (Less Intensity) (Choir)2:37
20.Tristan (Less Intensity) (No Choir)2:37
21.Tristan (Max Intensity) (Choir)2:38
22.Tristan (Medium Intensity) (Choir)2:38
23.Wrath Of Sea (No Choir)1:18