New Italo Disco Top 25 Compilation, Vol.9 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

New Italo Disco Top 25 Compilation, Vol.9by Various Artists

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:56:58


1.Forever Lovers (Re-Tubed Radio)by Limelight4:29
2.Forever Love (Short New Generation Dance Mix)by Angelico4:04
3.Another Melody (Short NRG Mix)by Ken Martina4:39
4.Dancers (Mega Short Dance Mix)by Tommy Sun5:16
5.I Never (Radio Fast Love Version)by Boy Blue4:32
6.Hold Me (In Your Heart) (Short Running Mix)by Roby4:44
7.Lonely Lovers (Short Russian Dance Mix)by Boris Zhivago5:02
8.Leave (My Mind) (Radio Love Dance Remix)by Aldo Lesina4:27
9.Dreaming In The Night (Short Jamaica Mix)by Boris Zhivago4:49
10.Angel In The Sky (Radio Full Service Mix)by Brad Lake4:27
11.Goodbye (Radio NRG Mix)by Boy Blue5:00
12.Love Explosion (Beat Me Up Mix Radio)by DJ Dr. Love4:09
13.Italian Love (Short Italian Mix)by Miko Vanilla4:22
14.I Want You (Radio Discoteque Mix)by Michael Rimini3:28
15.One More Night With You (Short Jamaica Mix)by Boris Zhivago5:01
16.Why (Short Dream Version)by Boy Blue4:02
17.If There's No Tomorrow (Short Vocal Mix)by Brad Lake3:54
18.In A Land Of No Illusions (Short Zhivago Mix)by Boris Zhivago6:50
19.Ordinary Lovers (Re-Tubed Radio)by Limelight4:30
20.I Only Want You (Short Disco Mix)by Don Amore4:29
21.Tell Me Why (Short Vocal Mix)by Liquore4:26
22.Fly To Me (Vocal Radio Remix)by Spanish Orchestra5:05
23.Only Memories (Vocal Radio Remix)by Rynar Glow5:05
24.It's Yesterday Again (Radio Vocal Remix)by Boy Blue5:07
25.The Window Of Your Life (Radio Vocal Remix)by Boy Blue5:01