Next Generation Trance mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Next Generation Tranceby Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:59:23


1.My Empirical Epitaph (Photographer Remix Edit)by Nivaya3:32
2.Breath Of Love (Radio Mix)by Outwalkers3:32
3.Away (Radio Mix) (feat. Alina)by Tom Wright3:37
4.Test Drive (Radio Edit) (feat. Danny)by Michael Angelo3:33
5.Sunshine Girl (Radio Mix) (and Global Influence)by Rene Ablaze3:09
6.Drone (Radio Edit)by Tranc Eye3:29
7.The Moon (Purple Stories Radio Edit) (and Jack Noise)by Rene Ablaze3:41
8.Sunset Highway (Radio Mix)by Bluesolar3:15
9.The Sands (Radio Edit)by Mike Septima3:28
10.Revelation (Radio Edit)by Make One3:53
11.Dream Way (Arctic Moon Radio Edit)by Dereck Recay4:09
12.First Impression (Radio Edit)by The Enlightment4:24
13.In Mind Go Get Alice (Radio Edit)by Vanity4:09
14.Fast Life (Radio Mix)by Rene Ablaze4:14
15.Like It (Rene Ablaze Radio Edit)by Leolife3:02
16.Contact (Angel Ace Radio Edit) (and Axel Polo)by Rene Ablaze3:53
17.Bright Lights (Rene Ablaze Radio Edit) (feat. Oonagh)by Mr. 93:47
18.Kissed By The Wind (Alexander Zhakulin Radio Edit) (feat. Eve)by Chris Forward3:31
19.Anyway (It S Gone) Radio Editby State Mx3:25
20.Can T You See (Radio Edit)by Kire3:28
21.Wearing My Shoes (Radio Edit) (feat. Danielle Senior)by Aura3:05
22.Two Worlds Collide (Fallen Skies Remix Edit) (and Ludgy)by Dirkie Coetzee3:09
23.Can T 4get You (Radio Edit) (feat. Litsa)by Dirkie Coetzee3:04
24.Reflected (Radio Edit)by Ian Buff3:16
25.Magnitude (Radio Edit) (and Ian Buff)by Rene Ablaze3:22
26.Island Of Dreams (Radio Mix)by Avalona3:40
27.Blonde In Violet (Radio Mix)by Amitacek4:28
28.Upline (Radio Mix) (and Absence)by Alex Tomorrow3:30
29.Legacy (Radio Edit)by J.A.E.3:44
30.Moments Of Life (Radio Summer Mix)by Air-T3:04
31.Ground (Fallen Skies Radio Mix) (feat. Xan Hallowed)by Javah3:06
32.Yesterday Tomorrow (Radio Edit)by Johan Ekman3:22
33.Set You Free (Radio Mix) (feat. Julie-Anne Melfi)by Alexander Xendzov3:18
34.Rush Of Love (Radio Edit) (and Kerris feat. Sally Jane Corlett)by Rene Ablaze3:33
35.Captured Fall (Radio Cut) (feat. Claire Willis)by Chris Turner4:34
36.Rise Of Maya (Radio Cut)by Melodic Culture4:00
37.Gone (Melodic Culture Radio Cut) (feat. Eliza)by Bjoern Michels4:12
38.Effra (Radio Mix)by Oen Bearen3:34
39.Curiosity (Radio Mix)by Rene Ablaze3:06
40.Odyssey (Radio Cut)by Ralph Novell3:52
41.Let S Go (Radio Mix) (feat. N. Podolskaya)by Noel Gitman3:24
42.Passion (Fallen Skies Radio Edit)by Mosahar3:09
43.Venom (Radio Edit)by J.A.E.3:06
44.Okobogee (Radio Edit) (vs. Ronald De Foe)by Philip Mayer3:13
45.Higher Emotions (DJ Myde Remix Edit)by E. Braveri3:50
46.Open Oceans (Bastian Basic Remix Edit)by Etania3:33
47.Africa (Radio Edit)by Pawel Meller2:50
48.Fussilade (Radio Edit) (vs. Ronald De Foe)by Philip Mayer3:21
49.You (Enyo & Mario Ayuda Remix Edit)by Van Snyder2:56
50.Solena (Radio Edit)by Estivia5:51