Nightflight Dubai mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Nightflight Dubaiby Various Artists

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:04:39


1.Abessinia (Hindi Cut)by Persia Beatz6:52
2.Journey To Eternity (Loungetrip Mix)by Frank Borell4:24
3.Flashback Oasis (Del Mar Mix)by Satin Sound System6:41
4.Princess Of Persia (Miracle Mix)by Persia Beatz4:52
5.Berlin Metro Line (Oriental Flow Mix)by Thermodynamics6:19
6.Down 2 Dusk (Orientix Cut)by Frank Borell5:15
7.Hydrosphera (Ambient Flight Mix)by Cafe Americaine5:06
8.Haryana (E-Phase Mix)by Asian Chill Art5:46
9.Indian Puppet (Swingin Mumbai Cut)by Citrus Jam5:04
10.Osiris (Electric Dream Cut)by Persia Beatz5:52
11.Madras Groove (Meditation Mix)by Cafe Americaine4:54
12.Virtual Africa (The Desert Slide)by Sofa Sweeper5:04
13.Dubai Sands (Oriental Fly Cut)by Cocogroove5:16
14.Arabiata (Fire @ Desire Mix)by Satin Sound System6:03
15.Talking Pyramids (Ethnix Space Mix)by Panafrican Project6:33
16.Himalaya Prayer (Cathedrale Mix)by Cafe Americaine5:31
17.Nomads (Ritual Mix)by Djibooti7:36
18.Obsession World (Floating Mix)by Frank Borell5:17
19.Druids Kingdoms (Mystic World Cut)by Satin Sound System5:23
20.Sarani (Asian Cut)by Persia Beatz5:45
21.Kansai Sunset (Osaka Lounge Mix) (feat. Tomoko)by Jazz Connection5:41
22.Yellow Dragon (Asian Fly Cut)by Satin Sound System5:25