Nightflight Dubai, Vol.2 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Nightflight Dubai, Vol.2by Various Artists

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:00:16


1.A Trip To India (BBC Mix)by Le Voyage5:17
2.The Drums Of Honshu (Buddha Deluxe Mix)by Asian Chill Art4:44
3.East Elegy (Laid In Time Mix)by Sofa Sweeper4:55
4.Fakir Flight (Smooth Oriental Mix)by Persia Beatz6:43
5.Ocean Forest (Nightwalk Mix)by Mahoroba6:05
6.Shadows And Voices (Tom Tom Mix)by Djibooti8:14
7.Virtuality (Dreamzone Mix)by Sean Hayman5:25
8.Rainbow Rhythm (Sakuhachi Mix)by Asian Chill Art6:06
9.Oasiz (Oriental Chill Mix)by The Man Behind C.6:04
10.Opium Oriental (Kalifah Cut)by Persia Beatz5:51
11.Chinese Dance (Red Dragon Mix)by Frank Borell5:31
12.Sherpa Path (Adventure Mix)by Asian Chill Art4:54
13.The Forest (Nature Mix)by Sean Hayman5:31
14.Sierra Shadow (Buddha Deluxe Cut)by Satin Sound System6:30
15.Dessert Mystique (Spheric Mix)by Dreamscape4:54
16.Winds Of Fujiyama (Hotchiku @ The Fire Mix)by Asian Chill Art4:18
17.Une Table À Trois (Dreamplanet Mix)by The Man Behind C.6:00
18.Mauritania Desert (No Water Cut)by Djibooti4:20
19.Nights In Abu Dhabi (1000 Lights Mix)by Frank Borell6:20
20.Lost In Tibet (Roof Of The World Mix)by Asian Chill Art5:28
21.Blue Mantra (Lunatico Mix)by Cocogroove5:58
22.Indian Lounge (Swing Mix)by Citrus Jam5:17
23.Nightflight Dubai Vol.2 (Continuous Mix)by Various Artists1:55:51