Non~Figment mp3 Album by Koan
  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:35:39


1.The Book of Shadows (Non~Figment mix)5:52
2.Midnight Tricksters8:58
3.Ascension (Non~Figment mix)8:35
4.Adora (Non~Figment mix)9:29
5.Castle From the Mist (Non~Figment mix)8:00
6.Forbidden Touch (Non~Figment mix)8:57
7.Moon Vixen9:26
8.Dreams Trader (Non~Figment mix)7:36
9.Faceout (Non~Figment mix)5:14
10.Reflection Nebula (Witch Head Nebula mix)8:06
11.Guard Owl4:21
12.Sand Witches Compass8:21
13.Sleeping Fog2:44