Nothing But... Pure Trance, Vol.5 by Various Artists

Nothing But... Pure Trance, Vol.5

by Various Artists

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:04:11


1.After Sun (Original Mix)by Vec van Luke5:55
2.September Breeze (Original Mix)by Zsombor K8:00
3.Blazing Skies (Nikolauss Remix)by Danny Legatto6:06
4.Makoto (Original Mix)by Genix5:19
5.Connected (Original Mix)by Trilucid6:22
6.Know That I Am With You Always (Original Mix)by Allura5:52
7.Dark Gravity (Progression Theorem Remix)by K&F6:51
8.No More Alone (Cold Rush Remix)by Ula7:55
9.Mind Games (Original Mix)by Pearson & Hirst7:16
10.Just Me (Original Mix)by Squarz Kamel8:09
11.Back Again (Original Mix)by Azotti6:11
12.Beyond The Rift (Original Mix)by Gelardi5:12
13.Say Nothing (Original Mix)by Karney5:36
14.Voices In The Dark (Amos & Riot Night Remix)by Danny Stubbs7:33
15.Higher Level (Original Mix)by Ready6:30
16.Like A Bird (Original Mix)by Dimension6:32
17.Ten Days (Original Mix)by Dallaz Project7:41
18.For You (Original Mix)by Agustin Gandino5:32
19.Back To Earth (Original Mix)by Kinetica7:53
20.Sanctuary (TrancEye Remix)by Eric Zimmer7:34
21.Consciousness (Original Mix)by Ikerya Project7:42
22.Not Alone (Club Mix)by Daniel van Sand6:56
23.Wonderful Feeling (Original Mix)by SoundLift8:02
24.Picture of The Day (Original Mix)by Rubi Heller6:13
25.Harvester (Original Mix)by Will Atkinson5:54
26.Nothing But... Pure Trance, Vol. 5 (Continuous Mix 1)by Various Artists1:05:45
27.Nothing But... Pure Trance, Vol. 5 (Continuous Mix 2)by Various Artists1:09:40