Nuclear Winter mp3 Album by Orion's Reign
  • 19 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:16:33


1.Amidst The Battle6:19
2.Nuclear Winter4:02
3.Cruor Ritus0:57
4.Darkness Comes4:45
5.A Way Out5:05
6.Steel Horizons3:38
9.Beyond Eternity pt 1 The Parting4:08
10.Beyond Eternity pt 2 The Slaughter4:33
11.Beyond Eternity pt 3 The Vision5:09
12.Dawn In Carnage0:41
13.Last Stand4:18
14.Siege Of Ruad7:26
15.Last Stand (Orchestra Version)3:08
16.Siege Of Ruad (Orchestral Version)4:59
17.Vehemens Nox Noctis (Bonus Track)4:36
18.The First Noel (Heavy Metal Version) [Bonus Track]5:34
19.Happy Birthday (Heavy Metal Version) [Bonus Track]1:40

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