O.V. Box - The Complete Backbeat and ABC Recordings mp3 Artist Compilation by O.V. Wright

O.V. Box - The Complete Backbeat and ABC Recordingsby O.V. Wright

  • 71 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:22:36


Disk #1

1.Eight Men and Four Women3:08
2.Why Don't You Believe Me2:34
3.Can't Find True Love2:25
4.Don't Want to Sit Down2:05
5.Everybody Knows3:02
6.I Could Write a Book2:52
7.Wish I Were That Boy2:53
8.Bachelor's Blues2:49
9.You're Gonna Make Me Cry3:24
10.Monkey Dog2:24
11.You're Been Crying2:48
12.I Can't Believe2:16
13.Motherless Child2:35
14.If It's Only for Tonight2:48

Disk #2

1.Blowing in the Wind2:32
2.Gonna Forget About You2:14
3.I Have None2:14
4.You're So Good to Me2:20
5.Why Don't Give Me a Chance2:47
6.Pledging My Love2:32
7.This Hurt Is Real3:22
8.I'll Hate Myself Tomorrow2:31
9.I'll Take Care of You3:14
10.I Want Everyone to Know2:46
11.Poor Boy2:27
12.I'm in Your Corner2:17
13.Gone for Good2:41
14.How Long Baby2:22

Disk #3

1.Don't Let My Baby Ride3:05
2.Born All Over3:22
3.Ace of Spade2:25
4.Eight Men, Four Women3:00
5.He Made Woman for Man3:10
6.I Can't Take It3:13
8.When You Took Your Love From Me3:08
9.A Nickel and a Nail3:45
10.Don't Take It Away4:03
11.Ace of Spades (alternate take 1)2:23
12.Ace of Spades (alternate take 2)2:09
13.Ace of Spades (Melvin Carter)2:14

Disk #4

1.I've Been Seaching2:39
2.Nothing Comes to a Sleeper3:21
3.The Only Thing That Saved Me2:37
4.He's My Son (Just the Same)2:52
5.You Must Believe in Yourself2:45
6.Lost in the Shuffle3:31
7.I'd Rather Be (Blind, Cripple & Crazy)2:47
8.Please Forgive Me4:09
9.Are You Going Where I'm Coming From3:13
10.Ghetto Child3:35
11.Memory Blues3:35
12.I'm Going Home (To live with God)2:43

Disk #5

1.That's How Strong My Love Is3:01
2.There Goes My Used to Be2:55
3.Fed Up With the Blues2:13
4.Treasured Moments2:01
5.Heartaches, Heartaches2:56
6.What About You2:39
7.What Did You Tell This Girl of Mine2:44
8.What Did You Tell This Girl of Mine (alternate take)2:53
9.Oh Baby Mine2:22
10.Working Your Game2:10
11.Missing You2:36
12.Love the Way You Love2:31
13.Drowning on Dry Land2:40
14.What More Can I Do3:02
15.Henpecked Man3:08
16.Nobody but You2:50
17.Slow and Easy3:24
18.Without You4:37