Obscene Extreme 2009 by Various Artists

Obscene Extreme 2009

by Various Artists

  • 39 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:12:42


1.Wrong Answerby Municipal Waste2:33
2.Rapedwithatyreironby Blood Duster1:29
3.Isawyourdadsuckingoffanotherdudesdadby Blood Duster0:39
4.Drop Deadby Venomous Concept2:08
5.Red Wolves of Stalinby Hail of Bullets5:07
6.Wheelchair Impalerby Birdflesh1:39
7.Attractive but Deformedby Dead Infection3:02
8.Comaliveby Wolfbrigade1:35
9.Inner Fetal Dismembermentby Lividity3:12
10.Wizar's Sleeveby Captain Cleanoff2:35
11.Jag Hatar Ert Systemby Mob 471:22
12.Doppelgangerby Slavebreed2:00
13.Toma Trouxaby Ratos de Porão1:56
14.Masturbation of Enwormed Cadaverby Oxidised Razor2:09
15.New Departure to Old Waysby Abaddon Incarnate1:10
16.Vaginal Scratchingby Jig-Ai2:04
17.Hate Is Realby Imperial Foeticide3:24
18.No Feelingsby Belching Beet1:34
19.Utopismo alla Rovesciaby Tsubo1:34
20.Batiqued by Diarrhoeaby Spasm0:57
21.Krakilskby Livstid2:57
22.Last Shelterby Feastem1:50
23.The Cucumber Seasonby Spineless Fuckers1:48
24.Grindrokby 40Gradi1:59
25.La Dixby Defecal of Gerbe2:40
26.Vojna V Dusiby Idiots Parade0:49
27.Dripping Spleenby Necrovile3:04
28.Pulsating Eye-gurgling Mcfeastby GAF1:20
29.Weak Pulseby A Den of Robbers0:59
30.Der Mann ungekehrt proportional zur eisernen Maskeby Boiler2:34
31.Hexabrixby Amoclen1:04
32.Vivalanby Amoclen1:05
33.Raw Angerby Mondo Gecko0:54
34.723 - Linia Duraby Abnormyndeffect1:13
35.Mouth Full of Vomitby Choked by Own Vomits1:02
36.To Come and Shit and Wipe and Leaveby Choked by Own Vomits0:57
37.Human Heartby Sound of Detestation0:58
38.Bananalby Ultimo Mondo Cannibale0:49
39.Pathological Armourd Ferret Tankby Crepitation2:31