Obscene Extreme 2012 by Various Artists

Obscene Extreme 2012

by Various Artists

  • 41 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:12:03


1.Inhale/Exhaleby Nasum1:36
2.The Way of All Fleshby Exhumed2:22
3.Peace of Mindby Wolfbrigade3:23
4.Final Ariseby Blockheads1:03
5.A King and a Thiefby Cephalic Carnage2:44
6.Efeuby Yacøpsæ0:44
7.Klandestinby Yacøpsæ0:36
8.Through Hellfireby Demonical4:18
9.Skazaby Čad2:28
10.Hostileby Benighted2:38
11.Titsby Dead3:49
12.Eradicateby Wormrot0:28
13.Fuck... I'm Soberby Wormrot0:45
14.Vehemence of Denialsby Wormrot0:41
15.Diagnosby M:402:29
16.Stinkholeby Repuked1:26
17.Campo de Exterminioby Looking for an Answer2:24
18.Ne Degisti?/Onlara Ihtiyacimiz Yokby Sakatat1:17
19.No Survivorsby Von Bööm0:46
20.Flowerpottby Sanity's Dawn0:55
21.Misleading Innuendosby Leng Tch'e2:37
22.Bane of Mankindby Blood I Bleed0:55
23.Cursed Custodianby Bad Dreams Always1:01
24.Hanged by the Cojonesby Grog2:18
25.Ver Mas Alla de Las Sombrasby Ente3:56
26.Fuck You and Listen to This Shitby Massive Charge2:05
27.Sanidade Angustianteby Plague Rages0:49
28.Edadinamuhby Baixo Calão1:07
29.Nem Resetando a Humanidadeby Baixo Calão0:58
30.Coprofagiaby Baixo Calão1:18
31.Squeezeanddieby Bowelfuck0:52
32.Bufalismoby Buffalo Grillz2:01
33.Questionsby Exorcizphobia2:12
34.Forfeitby Evisorax0:52
35.Robocockby Gutalax1:47
36.Jock Powerviolenceby Weekend Nachos1:25
37.Fakeby Tools of The Trade2:06
38.The Low Bornby Creative Waste1:25
39.Butt, Butt, Happy Fistfuckby 5 Stabbed 4 Corpses1:34
40.I Scream Protest!by F.U.B.A.R.1:08
41.Electric Red Cloudsby Into Sickness2:45