Ode To Billie Joe / Touch 'em With Love mp3 Artist Compilation by Bobbie Gentry

Ode To Billie Joe / Touch 'em With Loveby Bobbie Gentry

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:16:07


1.Mississippi Delta3:06
2.I Saw An Angel Die2:59
3.Chickasaw County Child2:48
4.Sunday Best2:46
5.Niki Hoeky2:47
6.Papa, Woncha Let Me Go To Town With You2:34
8.Hurry, Tuesday Child3:55
9.Lazy Willie2:43
10.Ode To Billie Joe4:16
11.Touch 'em With Love2:03
12.Greyhound Goin' Somewhere2:23
13.Natural To Be Gone2:21
14.Seasons Come, Seasons Go2:51
15.Glory Hallelujah, How They'll Sing2:36
16.I Wouldn't Be Surprised3:24
17.Son Of A Preacher Man2:07
18.Where's The Playground, Johnny2:32
19.I'll Never Fall In Love Again2:53
20.You've Made Me So Very Happy3:19
21.Scarlet Ribbons2:40
22.The Girl From Cincinnati3:33
23.You And Me Together4:00
24.Let It Be Me (and Glen Campbell)2:08
25.All I Have To Do Is Dream (and Glen Campbell)2:35
26.Walk Right Back (and Glen Campbell)2:19
27.En Todas Partes (Here, There And Everywhere)2:19