One World One Love mp3 Album by Michael Bolton

One World One Loveby Michael Bolton

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 45:17


1.Ready For You4:00
2.Just One Love4:13
3.Need You To Fall3:41
4.Hope It's Too Late3:09
5.Can You Feel Me4:00
6.The Best4:07
7.Murder My Heart4:06
8.You Comfort Me3:43
9.Sign Your Name3:30
10.Invisible Tattoo4:04
12.Crazy Love2:49

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One World One Love is an album of American singer-songwriter and a former hard rock singer Michael Bolton. He is best known for his soft rock ballads and tenor vocals. His achievements include selling a lot of albums, two number one singles on the Billboard charts, eight top ten albums, Grammy Awards and awards from both the American Music Awards. Recording his album Michael Bolton collaborated with Ne-Yo and Lady Gaga. The lead single of One World One Love is "Just One Love", it is an emotional song that shows all the best of Michael Bolton.