Outskirts: The Unofficial Lost OutKast Remixes mp3 Remix by OutKast

Outskirts: The Unofficial Lost OutKast Remixesby OutKast

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:13:01


Disk #1

2.Players' Ball (OS remix)3:05
3.ATLiens (Ludacris Mix)2:06
4.Watch for the Hook (Roots mix)3:15
5.In Due Time (DJ Premier/Gangstarr mix)3:18
6.Elevators (Kanye mix)2:55
7.Da Art of Storytelling (Busta mix)2:52
8.Ms. Jackson (feat. Jaydee) (Rico Suave Bossa Nova mix)2:24
9.Neck Uv da Woods (feat. Mystikal, Slum VIllage, Jaylib) (OS remix)4:05
10.I Can't Wait (Redman/Young Gunz mix)3:59
11.Skew It on the Barbee (EPMD mix)1:30
12.Jazzy Belle (Dwele mix)2:33
13.Dirty South (Lil' Jon mix)2:43
14.Rosa Parks (Jay-Z mix)3:11
15.The Whole World (Romantically Clashed)5:17
16.B. O. B. (OS remix)2:36
17.Hey Ya (feat. Sean Paul) (OS remix)3:22
18.Akshun (Lenny Kravitz mix)4:03
19.Git Up, Git Out (OS remix)3:13
20.So Fresh, So Clean (feat. Bahamadia) (OS remix)3:46
21.Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (OS remix)1:41
22.Cell Therapy (OS remix)1:21
23.Slum Beautiful (OS remix)1:38
24.85 (OS remix)2:31
25.Reset (OS remix)1:38
26.Crumblin' Erb (OS remix)2:02
27.She Lives in My Lap (OS remix)1:30
28.Leave It All Behind (feat. Sunny Valentine & Sleepy Brown) (OS Remix)1:00
29.Get Rich (Sade mix)3:07
30.Stepping Out (Rob Wonder mix)0:07
31.Outro (feat. Spectac & 9th Wonder)1:22

Disk #2

2.Elevators (Locsmif mix)3:52
3.Waajeed Drop (Locsmif mix)0:36
4.Jazzy Belle (Locsmif mix)2:52
5.So Fresh, So Clean (Locsmif mix)4:40
6.Re-Skewed on the Barbee (Locsmif mix)3:28
7.Cee-Lo Interlude0:44
8.In Due Time (Locsmif mix)3:52
9.Storytellin' (Locsmif mix)4:40
10.Ms. Jackson (Locsmif mix)4:03
11.Sol Uprising Interlude0:19
13.Spottieottie 'til Inifinity (Locsmif mix)4:46
14.Loc-Exclusive Prelude0:17
15.Back of the Bus... (Locsmif mix)3:14
16.4ize & Aphro Interlude1:07
17.Bombs Over Your House (Locsmif mix)4:24
18.I'll Be Around3:52

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