P.O.T.Y. (Producer Of The Year) mp3 Album by Beat Flippa

P.O.T.Y. (Producer Of The Year)by Beat Flippa

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:47:15


2.Hate On (feat. Pokey Bear; O.B. Buchana)3:40
3.Talk Of Our Love (feat. Isaac J.)4:02
4.Can I Take You Home (feat. Ghetto Cowboy; Tucka)3:23
5.I'll Pay For It (feat. Tyree Neal)3:22
6.A Good'n (feat. Jeter Jones)4:02
7.We Steppin (feat. Derrick Salter)3:59
8.In The Morning (feat. Cupid; HIGHWAY HEAVY)3:52
9.My Bed (feat. Omar Cunningham)4:13
10.No Drawls On (feat. Lil Jimmie)3:48
11.Mind Made Up (feat. Magic One)5:10
12.Nose Wide Open (feat. BENITO; Lady Q)4:08
13.Is It Ova (feat. Hisyde; Avail Hollywood)4:36
14.Tell Me Is It Love (feat. Sir Charles Jones)4:40
15.My Rockin Chair (feat. Tip the Singer)4:18
16.Turn That Thing Around (feat. Ghetto Cowboy)4:18
17.I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love (feat. Donnie Ray)4:05
18.Ol' School Love (feat. Napoleon Demps)4:09
19.99 Problems (feat. Fat Daddy; Magic One)4:16
20.We Doin Alright (feat. Wilson Meadows)4:01
21.Is It Real (feat. Bishop Bullwinkle)2:44
22.You Can't Have My Man (feat. The Lady Songbird Jinda)3:59
23.Can I Come Back Home (feat. Choppa Law)4:55
24.I Could've Stayed At Home (feat. J-Fitz)3:32
25.I Got A Thing For You (feat. Mose Stovall)4:19
26.I'm Tired (feat. Veronica Ra'elle)4:06
27.Leaving You For Me (feat. Sir Charles Jones)5:22