Papercuts∶ Instrumentals mp3 Album by Linkin Park

Papercuts∶ Instrumentalsby Linkin Park

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:07:49


1.Crawling (Instrumental)3:29
2.Faint (Instrumental)2:43
3.Numb / Encore (Instrumental)3:25
4.Papercut (Instrumental)3:04
5.Breaking the Habit (Instrumental)3:15
6.In the End (Instrumental)3:36
7.Bleed It Out (Instrumental)2:44
8.Somewhere I Belong (Instrumental)3:34
9.Waiting for the End (Instrumental)3:51
10.CASTLE OF GLASS (Instrumental)3:25
11.One More Light (Instrumental)4:15
12.BURN IT DOWN (Instrumental)3:50
13.What I've Done (Instrumental)3:28
14.QWERTY (Instrumental)3:21
15.One Step Closer (Instrumental)2:36
16.New Divide (Instrumental)4:30
17.Leave Out All The Rest (Instrumental)3:19
18.Lost (Instrumental)3:21
19.Numb (Instrumental)3:06
20.Friendly Fire (instrumental)2:57