Parallel Universe mp3 Album by James R. Valentovich
  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 55:16


1.Space & Time0:58
2.Parallel Universe (feat. Andy Montalbano)7:05
3.Planet from a Alien Sun (feat. Andy Montalbano)5:45
4.Eye of the Nebula (feat. Andy Montalbano)7:01
5.End of Time1:41
6.Genisis Factor5:35
7.Warped Time (feat. Andy Montalbano)1:06
8.Vortex of Pain (feat. Andy Montalbano)6:13
9.Event Horizon ( No More Tomorrows )8:32
10.Cycles of Time (feat. Andy Montalbano)4:14
11.Octaves of Life (feat. Andy Montalbano & Jim Valentovich Jr.)7:06

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