Parricida Perpetuo mp3 Album by Die Braut

Parricida Perpetuoby Die Braut

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:19:02


1.Soldier Of Pain (original mix)5:07
3.The Black Bird (echoes from the desert)4:47
4.Parricida Perpetuo - CutOff:Sky remix5:54
5.Parricida Perpetuo - assasin mix by Drowning Susan5:47
6.Parricida Perpetuo - X-Fusion vs. Noisuf-X remix5:14
7.Parricida Perpetuo - First Black Pope remix4:26
8.Parricida Perpetuo - Acylum remix3:58
9.Parricida Perpetuo - Mordacious remix4:49
10.Parricida Perpetuo - Antibiosis remix5:02
11.Parricida Perpetuo - Cold Therapy remix4:33
12.Parricida Perpetuo - Noize Level remix4:48
13.Parricida Perpetuo - Chris Fussion remix4:36
14.Parricida Perpetuo - A7IE remix4:52
15.Parricida Perpetuo - Terrorkode remix4:12
16.Parricida Perpetuo - re-designed by Hexis4:58