Party Time Compilation 2020 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Party Time Compilation 2020by Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:30:04


1.Zzinhage (Radio Edit)by Turbotronic2:42
2.The Moment (Original Mix) (feat. Sophia May)by Rene Rodrigezz2:27
3.Only Tonight (Radio Edit) (and Ya-Ya)by Stephan F2:57
4.Mondays (Stephano Rossi Radio Edit) (feat. Sundreen & Miruna Sziklai)by Sean Norvis2:43
5.Body Shake (Original Mix)by Turbotronic3:00
6.Roll The Galaxy (Original Mix)by Nik Finn2:57
7.Can't Stop Me (Radio Edit)by Alpha Squad2:57
8.Endless Summer Vibes (Radio Edit) (and Ya-Ya)by Rayman Rave2:54
9.Alone With You (Original Mix)by Yellow Is The New White2:20
10.Go Up (Original Mix)by Turbotronic2:56
11.Retake (Original Mix)by Betastic3:10
12.Embrace Me (Global Rockerz Radio Edit) (feat. Copamore & Justine Berg)by Sean Norvis3:32
13.Criminal (Radio Edit) (and Tony T)by Stephan F2:40
14.No Time (Spikaa Remix) (feat. Norah B. & Itto)by Skelectro & Allenx3:59
15.Dreams (Will Come Alive) (Radio Edit) (and DJ Combo feat. Timi Kullai)by Naxwell2:20
16.You Are My Queen (Wissard Vip Remix) (feat. Mimo)by WISSARD2:39
17.Big Banana (Original Mix)by Turbotronic2:37
18.Bolmae (Radio Edit)by Turbotronic2:47
19.What If (Original Mix) (feat. Lizann)by Ruben Arthur4:07
20.You Are (Radio Edit)by Doubl3 Mask2:56
21.The One (Rayman Rave Remix Edit) (with Sander-7 & DJ Combo)by Tony T2:38
22.Free (Original Mix) (and Tc-5)by SKILI3:09
23.Someday (Radio Edit)by DualXess2:30
24.Freefall (Original Mix)by Mark Star2:47
25.Happy Every Day (Max Farenthide Remix) (with Sander-7 & DJ Combo)by Tony T3:01
26.Ocean Breeze (Radio Edit) (with Sander-7 & DJ Combo)by Ya-Ya2:39
27.Like In The Summer Time (Original Mix) (and Xan Castel feat. Matty)by John Castel3:49
28.Ibiza (Radio Edit)by ANDRW MADNSS3:11
29.Falling (Radio Edit) (and DJ Combo)by Sander-73:08
30.All About The Music (Radio Edit)by Alpha Squad3:12
31.My House (Original Mix)by Turbotronic3:21
32.Stay With Me (Radio Edit) (and Ya-Ya)by Stephan F2:59
33.Something New (Radio Edit) (and Effigy)by Rayman Rave2:43
34.Summer Nights (Radio Edit) (feat. Norah B.)by Lorenz Koin3:12
35.We Are Free (Derek Armstrong Radio Edit)by Brazyleros3:43
36.Never Let It Go (Radio Edit) (and DJ Combo)by Sander-73:26
37.Lifetime (Original Mix)by THREE LIKE TO PARTY2:40
38.Carry Myself (Radio Edit)by Nick Le Funk3:33
39.Easy On You (Original Mix)by Marcus Cito3:09
40.African Queen (Radio Edit) (feat. KC Pozzy)by Laurette2:49
41.Looking For You (Radio Edit) (feat. Damiano Di Gioia)by Elaic3:07
42.Say It Now (Radio Mix) (feat. MRs)by Alex Milani3:35
43.On And On (Original Mix) (with Eugenio Ferrara & Maurizio Lessi)by Fearless3:41
44.Gawi Bawi Bo (Radio Edit)by Turbotronic2:51
45.So Good (Original Mix)by Turbotronic3:11
46.Hands Up Now (Radio Edit)by Distortive2:34
47.Showtime (Radio Edit)by Turbotronic2:56
48.Inssa Assa (Original Mix)by Turbotronic2:37
49.Losing My Mind (Radio Edit) (and DJ Combo)by Sander-72:39
50.Shake It Down (Radio Edit)by Distortive2:34