Past/Future: A Collection mp3 Artist Compilation by Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson

Past/Future: A Collectionby Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:05:25


1.Game, set, match3:12
2.Zimbabwe optimist sailing team3:03
3.The jazz song (loose owls on stage)7:11
4.Instrumental demo 20055:28
5.Citroen (Swim team philosopher demo)6:43
6.Lost song #12:56
7.The Horse1:57
9.You spin dizzy for a year5:36
10.Take it back5:42
11.I never want to sea you (here again)4:41
12.I saw yor face2:08
13.About the days we sat down in the grass beneath your severed wings2:44
14.We will ride our bicycles until the morning says goodnight3:21
15.It's not long ago, you know3:45
16.I wanted to kiss last night2:21