Paul's Boutique (20th Anniversary Edition) mp3 Album by Beastie Boys

Paul's Boutique (20th Anniversary Edition)by Beastie Boys

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 53:10


1.To All the Girls1:29
2.Shake Your Rump3:18
3.Johnny Ryall3:01
4.Egg Man2:58
5.High Plains Drifter4:13
6.The Sounds of Science3:12
7.3-Minute Rule3:39
8.Hey Ladies3:48
9.5-Piece Chicken Dinner0:23
10.Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun3:28
11.Car Thief3:40
12.What Comes Around3:08
14.Ask for Janice0:11
15.59 Chrystie Street0:57
16.Get on the Mic1:14
17.Stop That Train1:59
18.A Year and a Day2:22
19.Hello Brooklyn1:32
20.Dropping Names1:02
21.Lay It on Me0:54
22.Mike on the Mic0:48