Penikufesin mp3 Album by Anthrax

Penikufesinby Anthrax

  • 6 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 23:48


1.Now It'S Dark5:38
3.Friggin In The Riggin5:20
Penikufesin is probably an EP most folks aren't that familiar with. Why, you might ask? Well, you've heard all of these songs if you had the Attack of the Killer B's EP/album. Penikufesin is mostly cover songs with one Anthrax original (Now it's Dark) thrown in there. Anthrax is pretty good when it comes to cover songs. They don't over do it and stay pretty close to the originals. Probably my favorite would have to be their cover of Kiss's Parasite, but Friggin in the Riggin (Sex Pistols cover) would be a close second. The french version of Antisocial (Trust Cover) is terrible. This isn't an easy EP to come by, but luckily mp3caprice delivers it in 320 bit rate mp3 so download with confidence.