Per Aspera Ad Astra mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Per Aspera Ad Astraby Various Artists

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:44:59


1.Maharaj Dubby Psychoz6:12
2.Goop (Caleidisco Remix)by Somatoast4:36
3.Spores Smoresby Rhizomorphic4:05
4.Dissolve Boundariesby Infrequency5:47
5.Cosmic Consciousnessby Death Moment4:17
6.Transcendental Wisdomby Wise Tree3:02
7.The Story Behindby Kala Hari8:48
8.Dragonfly Dreamby Blue Forest10:04
9.Dub Sea Scrollsby Ashvattha Project7:49
10.Amatuby Mettakin5:43
11.Tardigradesby UCHU6:02
12.Imaginationby Taktyle8:11
13.Blippytrips (and Blip Trip)by Scion6:31
14.East & West (feat. Yestegan Chay)by Essence Project6:03
15.Packets Of Perceptionby Subroot3:58
16.Dubwise In The Taoby Shwamp4:55
17.Sand Tripby Natural Life Essence8:56

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