Placidity by Koan
  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:33:22


1.Fiction Pt. 1 (Placidity Mix)8:51
2.Calm (Placidity Mix)8:24
3.Evening Delusions6:17
4.Out of Focus (Placidity Mix)7:14
5.Passenger (Placidity Mix)5:24
6.Dump (Placidity Mix)5:33
7.Imitation (Placidity Mix)7:04
8.Dash (Placidity Mix)5:39
9.Bo-Peep (Placidity Mix)8:26
10.Salem Hunters (Placidity Mix)6:41
11.Wasted Pixel7:05
12.SlowMo (Placidity Mix)7:48
13.Divergence (Placidity Mix)7:20
14.Obsolete Footsteps (Placidity Mix)7:17
15.Abandoned Lighthouse (Placidity Mix)10:07
16.Visitor from Wasteland (Placidity Mix)7:33
17.Fiction Pt. 2 (Placidity Mix)8:53
18.Empty Pier (Placidity Mix)10:01
19.Placidity (Blue Mix)9:50
20.I'll Be Near (by Deep - Koan Remix)7:55