Play House, Vol.2 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Play House, Vol.2by Various Artists

  • 31 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:35:45


Disk #1

1.La Casa (Original Mix) (and Mousse T.)by Davey Dee5:53
2.A World Celebration (Can7 Hot Meal Vocal)by Cunnie Williams5:35
3.I'm Yours (Cookiecutters Radio Edit) (vs. The Coockiecutters)by Moroder3:30
4.Perfect World (Starfire Mix)by Gloria Gaynor5:23
5.Feel It (Radio Edit) (pres. Natural Colors)by DJ Pippi4:15
6.El Toro (Can 7 Fruitcake Mix)by Torso6:21
7.Try My Love (Radio Edit)by Soul Providers3:11
8.Weekender (Original Mix)by Selected Works4:51
9.Baby, Let Me Tell You (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark Got Tha Funk Edit)by DJ Antoine3:40
10.Party 4 Everybody (Blue Soda Edit) (feat. William Wright)by Topazz4:49
11.Boogie Night (Club Mix) (feat. Brian Chambers)by Liquid Christal8:57
12.Hands (Original Mix)by Marc Kulak7:02
13.I Don't Know (Radio Edit)by One Love3:32
14.Get Happy (Instrumental Radio) (and Special Babe)by Groovemaster K.3:36
15.As Long As You Love Me (Club Mix) (feat. JD. Braithwaite)by DJ Werner @ Wicked Inc.7:10

Disk #2

1.(You're My) Disco Sensation (Radio Mix) (vs. Mad Mark)by DJ Antoine3:33
2.Time Is Right (Original Dawn Madison Mix)by Dawn Madison6:34
3.It's Gonna Be Alright (Radio Edit)by Dweed4:19
4.One More Step To Take (Layton & Stone Remix)by Delegation7:10
5.Can You Feel Me (Radio Edit) (feat. Lee Johnson)by Park Avenue3:19
6.To Be With You (Radio Edit)by Darryl D'Bonneau3:20
7.Real Love (Vocal Radio Edit) (and Daniel Garcia)by 88 Keys3:36
8.Movin' To That (Radio Edit)by Birdie3:37
9.Feelin' (Dumping Version) (vs. Brothers De Funk)by Eric Wesenberg4:35
10.Set Me Free (Main Mix) (feat. David Thomas)by Air-Knee6:21
11.Jenney (Norlin & Sloop Remix) (feat. Gary Williams)by Marcel Krieg6:14
12.You'll Be Alright (Full Vox Mix) (feat. Regi)by Mimmo M6:33
13.Downtown (Radio Edit) (and Nick Morris)by Jamie Lewis3:15
14.Watching You (feat. Una)by DJ Pope5:12
15.Don't Leave Me (Bini & Martini Mix) (feat. Cheryl Porter)by Piparo3:40
16.Dr. Love (Got You On My Mind) (Original Long Version)by Da Nightshift6:42