Pornographic Messiah mp3 Album by Christian Death

Pornographic Messiahby Christian Death

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:13:58


1.The Great Deception, Part A: The Dissention of Faith2:30
2.The Great Deception, Part B: The Corruption of Innocence2:36
3.The Great Deception, Part C: The Origin of Man3:01
4.The Great Deception, Part D: The Lie Behind the Truth5:45
5.The Millenium Unwinds4:57
6.Weave My Spell4:09
7.Washing Machine4:32
8.Sex Dwarf4:54
9.Does It Hurt5:21
10.The Obscene Kiss4:52
11.Out of Control4:52
12.Cave of the Unborn3:33
13.Die With You6:49
14.She Never Woke Up5:02
15.Pillars of Osiris3:35
16.Spontaneuos Human Detonation3:35
17.The 9 Is a 63:55