Pot Of Gold Remixes by Alice Russell

Pot Of Gold Remixes

by Alice Russell

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:48:33


Disk #1

1.Let Us Be Loving (Kidkanevil remix)4:07
2.Got the Hunger? (DJ Vadim remix)6:59
3.Living the Life of a Dreamer (Mr Scruff remix)8:15
4.All Alone (Mocean Worker remix)3:24
5.Universe (Kid Gusto remix)5:44
6.Two Steps (Herma Puma remix)3:06
7.Hurry on Now (Emika remix)6:40
8.Lights Went Out (LJM remix)2:54
9.Let Us Be Loving (The Clonious remix)3:48
10.Living the Life of a Dreamer (Lilstemix)5:26
11.Got the Hunger? (J-Boogie's Houston remix)5:19

Disk #2

1.Two Steps (Shawn Lee's 7 Inches of Soul remix)3:42
2.All Alone (Captain Planet remix)3:48
3.Got the Hunger? (Llorca remix)5:07
4.Universe (Dusty remix)4:29
5.Two Steps (Ohmega Watts remix)4:40
6.Lights Went Out (ZNTN remix)5:45
7.Got the Hunger? (Ticklah remix)6:50
8.All Alone (DJ Day Meets Clutchy Hopkins remix)4:18
9.Let Us Be Loving (Yellowtail remix)4:17
10.Got the Hunger? (The Heavy mix)4:00
11.Universe (GRC's Quiet Carnaval remix)5:55

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