Prince of Persia Trilogy mp3 Soundtrack by Stuart Chatwood

Prince of Persia Trilogyby Stuart Chatwood

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:44:03


1.Welcome to Persiaby Stuart Chatwood1:02
2.Introducing the Princeby Stuart Chatwood1:39
3.Prelude Fightby Stuart Chatwood1:35
4.Behold the Sands of Timeby Stuart Chatwood2:45
5.Discover the Royal Chambersby Stuart Chatwood1:57
6.Attack of the Sand Griffonsby Stuart Chatwood1:16
7.Don't Enter the Lightby Stuart Chatwood2:02
8.Enter the Royal Palaceby Stuart Chatwood1:26
9.The Royal Bathsby Stuart Chatwood1:45
10.Chaos in the Zooby Stuart Chatwood1:44
11.Lost in the Cryptsby Stuart Chatwood1:47
12.Farah Enlightens the Princeby Stuart Chatwood2:30
13.Trouble in the Barracksby Stuart Chatwood1:47
14.The Libraryby Stuart Chatwood1:42
15.The Tower of Dawnby Stuart Chatwood1:34
16.Reverse the Sands of Timeby Stuart Chatwood3:04
17.The Vizier Must Dieby Stuart Chatwood0:59
18.Time Only Knowsby Stuart Chatwood2:00
19.Battle the Dahakaby Stuart Chatwood2:22
20.Conflict of the Griffinsby Stuart Chatwood2:25
21.Escape the Dahakaby Stuart Chatwood2:13
22.An Unsafe Sanctuaryby Stuart Chatwood2:06
23.Attack at Seaby Stuart Chatwood2:06
24.Clash in the Catacombsby Stuart Chatwood2:07
25.Conflict at the Entranceby Stuart Chatwood2:02
26.Confrontation in the Mechanical Towerby Stuart Chatwood2:18
27.Military Aggressionby Stuart Chatwood2:08
28.Rooftop Engagementby Stuart Chatwood2:05
29.Struggle in the Libraryby Stuart Chatwood2:22
30.The Mystic Cavesby Stuart Chatwood2:16
31.Tower Encounterby Stuart Chatwood2:05
32.Babylon Explorationby Stuart Chatwood2:08
33.Ancient Palaceby Stuart Chatwood2:09
34.Time Marchesby Stuart Chatwood2:06
35.I Still Love Youby Stuart Chatwood5:31
36.Epic Battle of the Chariotsby Stuart Chatwood2:05
37.The Beauty of the Cityby Stuart Chatwood2:19
38.Nostalgic Sand Princeby Stuart Chatwood2:07
39.Garden Explorationsby Stuart Chatwood2:07
40.Alone in the Courtyardby Stuart Chatwood2:08
41.A Beseiged Cityby Stuart Chatwood2:11
42.A Babylonian Princeby Stuart Chatwood2:11
43.Alone in the Gardenby Stuart Chatwood2:13
44.In Pursuit of Farahby Stuart Chatwood2:08
45.The Wandering Sand Princeby Stuart Chatwood2:11
46.The Mental Realmby Stuart Chatwood1:47
47.The Mighty Princeby Stuart Chatwood2:14
48.The Palace Battleby Stuart Chatwood1:37
49.The Prince Retaliatesby Stuart Chatwood1:33
50.Beneath Babylonby Stuart Chatwood2:09