Progress to Goa, Vol.3 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Progress to Goa, Vol.3by Various Artists

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:30:22


1.Astral Dimension (and E-Mantra)by Ovnimoon9:56
2.Insideby Norma Project7:50
3.Contactby Electit10:24
4.Hyperloopby Tech Tune6:16
5.Tsunamotionby vGren10:03
6.Space Walkerby Sixsense5:34
7.Frolickyby Vicky Merlino7:19
8.The World Is You & You Are the Worldby Ayuddha Project7:09
9.483 Substancesby Ascent7:04
10.Euphoria Never Stopsby Adrian Feder4:00
11.Butterfly Effectby Dim Day6:59
12.L.S.D. (Instrumental Version)by Imaxx9:00
13.Wake Upby Stamatella8:09
14.Codigos Alienigenasby Paradox Side8:00
15.Zero Crossingby Lost Shaman8:19
16.Welcome to the Universeby X-Nova7:12
17.Back in Time (and Logic Species)by Schmidx6:53
18.Goa Spirit (New Version)by Numedian7:22
19.Oceanby SoundSpirit7:33
20.Key to the Universeby Phalarix8:20
21.Progress to Goa, Vol. 3 (Dj Mix, Pt. 1)by Various Artists59:43
22.Progress to Goa, Vol. 3 (Dj Mix, Pt. 2)by Various Artists57:17