Progstravaganza XIX: Convergence mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Progstravaganza XIX: Convergenceby Various Artists

  • 39 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:12:19


1.Smileby David Maxim Micic9:34
2.How Shall the Dust Storm Startby Eyot6:51
3.Prometheusby 2KX17:58
4.Black Beast Risingby Murky Red5:10
5.Al Liverby Brieg Guerveno5:32
6.Floristby Quiet!7:13
7.Shifting Groundby Kindler5:26
8.Lunar Tideby Sounds Like the End of the World5:47
9.Elizabethby Dream the Electric Sleep8:22
10.Addictby Destiny Potato7:39
11.Invertebrateby Galactic Pegasus2:59
12.Dismissalby Orpheus Blade8:51
13.Animatedby Fuseboxx5:58
14.Meanderby Jedediah Smith16:31
15.Etude Op. 10, No. 4 (Chopin)by Paul Bielatowicz2:16
16.Fade to Horizonby Liquid Shades5:42
17.This a Dreamby Sonic Sky Writers12:33
18.The Turning Awayby The Madeleine Haze4:43
19.Melancholiaby Aisles10:40
20.The Precipiceby Proud Peasant13:20
21.Aequilibriumby Aequilibrium4:57
22.Cassiopeia (Radio Edit)by Cereus4:22
23.Strawberry Skiesby Montage8:13
24.Comically Mischieviousby Celestial Fury4:14
25.Respectby False Coda7:08
26.Crawling in the Darkby Motion4:03
27.Walk All the Wayby Vicinity11:42
28.Obliquity of the Eclipticby The Parallax8:47
29.The Kindness of a Strangerby Shadow Merchant11:19
30.Hearse Accidentby Anger in the Reward System6:02
31.Nebula Movement IVby Eternal Journey7:41
32.Trick of the Tongueby Mile Marker Zero4:06
33.Nova Americaby Cheeto's Magazine25:25
34.Microapologiaby Elarcos11:58
35.Vinedresserby Mahogany Head Grenade7:08
36.All That is Evilby The Mighty Swine4:47
37.Diez Vikingosby Los Asteroide3:37
38.Forty Minutesby Omega Diatribe4:06
39.Mellow Daysby Camelias Garden9:39