Project Hardcore 2015 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Project Hardcore 2015by Various Artists

  • 44 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:15:06


1.Project Hardcore 2015 (Mixed By Neophyte vs. Icha)by Various Artists1:11:16
2.Project Hardcore 2015 (Mixed By Digital Plaque Squad)by Various Artists1:14:31
3.Existence Verified (#tih)by Alien T2:48
4.Stand Up (Edit)by Koozah3:04
5.Down Below (DJ Mix) (and Promo feat. Snowflake)by Tha Playah5:44
6.Kingdome Come (Edit) (and Nosferatu)by The Viper3:14
7.Not My Tempo (Edit)by DJ Mad Dog3:09
8.Assassinator Styleby Nosferatu5:59
9.Night & Day (Radio Edit) (and Re-Style feat. Diesel)by The Viper3:10
10.Break Your Backby Dyprax4:32
11.Stand Beside Us (#PH15 Anthem) (Short Edit) (vs. Icha feat. Alee)by Neophyte3:10
12.Wastelands (and Furyan)by Synthax4:44
13.Sanctity Of Space (Edit)by Nosferatu5:24
14.Party & Bullshitby Synthax5:12
15.Fight With Anger (and Angerfist feat. Alee -- and Diesel)by Neophyte5:31
16.HOT! (Edit Version)by Icha2:58
17.Murder (Edit)by Furyan2:25
18.Fire (Radio Edit)by Bodyshock2:20
19.Bitchby Icha4:25
20.Slapeloosheidby Furyan4:19
21.Beast (feat. Alee)by Icha5:01
22.Korruption (Radio Edit) (and Meccano Twins feat. MC Braincase)by Unexist3:08
23.Bleed & Suffer (and Icha)by Tieum4:02
24.Fear (Edit Version)by Neophyte4:34
25.Brutal Method (Edit)by Andy The Core3:00
26.Roller Coasterby X-Mind4:30
27.Bassment (Onesimk Remix)by Andy The Core4:51
28.In Your Brainby X-Mind5:30
29.Only In Texas (Edit)by Andy The Core2:30
30.Brutale (Edit)by Brutale3:08
31.Evil (Edit) (and Da Mouth Of Madness)by X-Mind2:42
32.Minimal Is Swing (Andy The Core DJ Tool)by The Sickest Squad4:11
33.Hardcore, Bitches, 40s & Blunt (Digital Plague Squad Refix) (and Partyraiser)by Drokz4:44
34.Repetitiveby Sei2ure4:33
35.Die Motherfuckers Die (X-Mind Remix) (and Overtrip feat. MC Matt)by A-Kriv4:48
36.Hit U Harder (Edit Version) (and Delta 9)by Andy The Core2:02
37.Lain Theme (Original Mix)by X-Mind4:16
38.Bomb By Bomb (Edit) (and Radium feat. Kraken)by The Sickest Squad3:42
39.Brutal Hardcore Motherfucker (Edit)by Detest3:42
40.The Worst (Stolen Cult Remix)by Andy The Core5:12
41.Wait & Bleedby Thunder4:45
42.The Cyclon 2015 (and Ravemaster)by X-Mind4:43
43.Rigor Talk Show (X-Mind Remix)by Zeta Reticuli4:49
44.The Last One (Don't Fuck with Andy The Core) (feat. MC A.D.K.)by Andy The Core2:48