Psy Trance Treasures 2014, Vol. 2: 99 Best of Fullon Progressive & Goa Hits by Various Artists

Psy Trance Treasures 2014, Vol. 2: 99 Best of Fullon Progressive & Goa Hits

by Various Artists

  • 99 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 12:41:05


1.In The Beginningby Monolock7:59
2.Mind Pulseby Shogan7:20
3.Rays Of The Sunby Ascent6:41
4.My Belovedby Astral Sense9:00
5.Iron Stageby Elepho7:57
6.Move Onby Crossfire7:32
7.Here I Amby Pulsar / Thaihanu / Liquid Sound8:26
8.Equallyby Synergic6:21
9.Turn Up The Heatby Necton7:09
10.Galactic Mantra (2011 remix) (feat. Via Axis & ItomLab)by Ovnimoon8:59
11.Cosmo Sphere (Knock Out remix) (and Cosmonautica)by Argon Sphere7:48
12.Morning Sunby Elgiva8:24
13.Rock From The Speakerby Mirok7:53
14.3 Daysby Solar System7:01
15.Freezeby Yabyum / Electrypnose8:26
16.The Triangleby Quantize / Bratz7:34
17.Higher Sensory Perception (feat. Treavor Moontribe & Kepi)by Phoenix Family7:26
18.Acropolisby Predators7:00
19.Nuclear Sun (Aya remix)by Virtual Light7:07
20.Electric Nataraja (feat. Aural Invasion)by Enertopia8:10
21.Rakiaby Quantum Leap7:14
22.The Mindby Ancient5:46
23.Daily Doses (feat. Biokinetix)by Mind Storm7:06
24.L.I.S.Aby Wavelogix7:50
25.Morningstoryby Astro-D9:31
26.Nocturnal Trancendanceby Bodhisattva 13207:30
27.New Lifeby Tesla Principle8:12
28.Crystal Castleby Wizack Twizack7:37
29.Vesperby 01-N7:50
30.Weird Stepby WeiRdel / Tritostep7:49
31.Collective Consciousnessby Roboteknic6:33
32.Core Functionby Theseus8:54
33.Made In Chinaby Fliperama7:24
34.Zero Dimensionby Kinesis7:26
35.Encredible Experience (Gemini remix)by Biokinetix6:44
36.Dark Magic (Meta remix)by Etienne/Meta7:37
37.Neutrino Oscillationby Drumatix7:50
38.5h Countdown (Electronic Concept remix)by Electrypnose8:36
39.Poltergeistby Fiery Storm8:10
40.Ayahuascaby EXtended Memory5:48
41.H.U.S.Oby Mind Portal8:50
42.Flow Like Waterby ELement98:30
43.Back To Rootsby Digital Sun8:20
44.Zebraby Analog Minds9:53
45.Front Treasureby Frix7:12
46.The Realityby Travma8:14
47.Lets See Nowby JoshLive6:59
48.Frosty Fieldsby Frosty Fennic8:11
49.Funky Hoover (Bogi remix)by Imix6:49
50.Durenanby Jirah8:03
51.Imaginary Timeby Gen6:44
52.Go Forthby Archeos7:40
53.Psy Will Never Dieby Perfect Havoc8:50
54.SaikoNautby Seggae / Ixwan6:59
55.Astral Connectionby Dahaka7:16
56.The Octopus Ride (Progressive Aggressive mix)by Bell Size Park7:33
57.Second MIracleby Synchrosphere6:57
58.Teoria Del Azarby The Backup Team9:32
59.Eliza Roza (and Select Project)by Kalilaskov As6:46
60.Crazy Veinby Kode66:48
61.Trimurti (Deep mix)by Labyr1nth8:29
62.Micromax (The Citizen remix)by Mental Flow9:52
63.Psychotropic Virusby Psypheric9:18
64.Interconnectedby Seven7:07
65.Sky In Diamondsby Maiia3036:58
66.Event Horizonby Lost Shaman7:38
67.A Million Voltsby Lectro Spektral Daze8:27
68.Malinalcoby Progressive Intention10:09
69.Abstract Paradiseby Midi Junkies7:11
70.The Secondby ManMachine8:49
71.Relaxby Shalys8:08
72.Amorphousby Meta7:57
73.Broken Tensionby Micro Scan9:29
74.System Destructionby Outreach6:51
75.Psychedelic Incby Terrasun8:14
76.Spiritual Revengeby Shiva Shambho7:06
77.Gemini Astroidby OXI5:53
78.Lawlessby Stuntproject6:47
79.New Dayby Passion Project7:05
80.More Timeby Terapeutica6:50
81.A Timely Collectiveby Psilicyber10:15
82.Manipulationby Quazax8:07
83.Design Possibilitiesby Random7:34
84.Digital Galaxyby Spyral Tech9:37
85.Elephantsby Psypien7:37
86.Vapor Whereby Megadrop / Random / Helios7:40
87.The Giants Rule The Landby Paraforce8:06
88.Psychosomatic Reorderby Tricossoma7:51
89.Power Puff Girlsby Meteor Burn7:20
90.Alien Anticsby Enigma Machine7:31
91.Darkmatter (remix)by Mindwarped7:35
92.Travel To M-104by Subliminal Insane8:36
93.Unattainableby Triscele5:20
94.Zion (Elemental remix) (and Elemental)by Kali6:28
95.Sensesby Virtual Objects6:48
96.Vamos A Festaby Psychoz5:52
97.Z3kby Z Ekel6:59
98.Before (and Harmony)by Adrian Feder4:03
99.The Experience (and Doctor Goa)by Liquid Space7:42