Psy Trance Treasures 2017 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Psy Trance Treasures 2017by Various Artists

  • 99 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 13:02:57


1.Day For Danceby Norma Project7:17
2.Supernovaby Galactrixx8:38
3.Sweet Bitchesby Electit7:48
4.Basic Natureby Alignments8:56
5.Gamblerby Inducer6:55
6.Dreamland (Remix)by Asia 20017:39
7.Microdosingby Lost Shaman9:15
8.Deeperby Agent Kritsek7:18
9.Changing Myselfby Avant Garde9:17
10.Halojaner (Remix)by Logic Bomb8:00
11.Expanding In Timeby Meander7:04
12.Breathby Skyline8:39
13.Alcantaraby PsySequenz6:23
14.Dream Creatorby Phoma7:14
15.Slow Vibrationsby Owntrip7:39
16.Alpha Centauriby Oxi7:39
17.Possible Worldsby Kazuki7:11
18.MDMAby Fire Starter8:02
19.Lost Woodsby Anyma6:56
20.UFO Invasionby Sound Device7:34
21.Gone To Marsby Kalilaskov As7:02
22.Passing Through (Remix)by E-Mantra9:47
23.Alien Hangar (Remix)by Convergent Evolution8:27
24.Bounty Hunterby Barby7:20
25.Luminescent Territoryby Declaration of Unity7:13
26.Universal Enlightenment (2016 Remix)by InnerZone8:52
27.Together We Are One (2016 edit)by Ektoside13:12
28.Strangers (Remix)by Elegy6:25
29.Electric Alienby Tetuna6:41
30.Neo Genesisby Biocycle6:25
31.Artificial Intelligenceby Merlin's Apprentice7:04
32.Changes Going Onby Midiride7:41
33.Dream Craftby Clone5:54
34.Dirty Waterby Oplewing8:34
35.Into the Void (Redeaux)by Astral Sense8:32
36.I Want Something Newby Twofaces9:40
37.Mahakala (Remix)by Fiery Dawn7:53
38.Alien Speciesby Psychoz7:48
39.Mystic Forceby Offlabel7:19
40.Sun (feat. Djane Gaby)by Elegy7:43
41.The Score (Remix)by Radical Distortion7:31
42.Human Meanby Tlamanik7:53
43.Biological Speciesby Tympanik7:07
44.Musikby Mental Control6:20
45.Light Pathby Astro-D7:32
46.Boom Atumby Aum Lab8:30
47.Fire Songby Vimana6:43
48.La Cibleby David Shanti6:36
49.Mezcalby Pulsar7:15
50.Frostby Wizack Twizack6:57
51.Hippocampus Controlby 01-N9:00
52.Room 1408by Attik8:26
53.Warp Driveby Rigel8:59
54.Slow Burningby Sentinel6:30
55.Terraformation Alien Planet (From Darkness to Light Version)by Sky Technology8:50
56.Good Morning Cowboysby Do Re Mix8:23
57.Mind Fuckby Perfect Havoc6:37
58.Neuroscienceby Creactive8:24
59.Discoby Life Extension8:56
60.Dream Falls (Remix)by Quality Sound8:53
61.Unusual Chemistryby Psychedelic Quest7:40
62.My Dahakaby Red PsY8:03
63.Fell The Vibe (Remix)by Digital Tribe6:48
64.Gaiaby Terapeutica7:35
65.Configure Your Tripby Subliminal Insane10:09
66.Common Cold (Remix)by Nova Fractal8:07
67.T.F.S. The Filters Speakby Space Shock6:45
68.Remembranceby Upaya no Kensho7:44
69.Radioastronomyby Spectrum7:20
70.Little Green Menby Lectro Spektral Daze9:21
71.Errorhead (2015 Redeaux)by Hux Flux7:57
72.Blameby Sychodelicious9:55
73.Cross Overby Trinodia6:25
74.Alter-Z-Dimensionby Universal Mind Gate7:09
75.The Show (Remix)by Biokinetix8:55
76.Scandinaviaby Kyoto6:53
77.Meeting with the Unknownby Omneon10:01
78.Dreamers Choiceby Lucid Rainbow8:46
79.Teatro Absurdaby Sonic Elysium7:28
80.Diver Downby Kri Samadhi7:27
81.Magic Hang (feat. Bo)by WeiRdel7:58
82.Energy From the Sunby JuraLuca8:33
83.The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadathby Proxeeus10:07
84.Dark Side of Our Footby Javi & SkoOma6:27
85.Levitateby Ion Vader8:21
86.Flight Of The Navigatorby Nostromosis8:27
87.Outside the Solar Systemby Tavi10:42
88.Im a Maniacby GoAtma9:42
89.Panmanicby Psypien7:34
90.Dark Forestby Archeos7:42
91.Agressively Sequencedby Paraforce7:25
92.Time Needs Timeby ElephAnT5:37
93.Slader Mashineby Sample Bugs6:38
94.Dark Dayzby Aghori Tantrik6:56
95.Losed In My Selfby Chemical Abstract9:05
96.Rain In Koenigby Xxipz7:50
97.Momentos con Suyaiby Hanuman8:19
98.Perpetual Manifistationby Xcursion7:26
99.Time Machineby Gamaliel7:22