Pure Retrowave, Vol. 4 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Pure Retrowave, Vol. 4by Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:11:53


1.Cross The Lineby Thought Beings, Bunny X3:38
2.Take It Anywhereby Thalrex3:13
3.Find Loveby Jessy Mach, LAU3:45
4.Txt Me Backby Heartracer4:45
5.Searchingby Future Analog, Wesley Reid3:07
6.Love Of Yesterdayby Franck Choppin3:46
7.Fallen Into Dreamingby Natalie Gray4:14
8.Broken Hearts (feat. Justin J. Moore)by BMX Escape3:43
9.Crying At The Radioby Michaela May3:21
10.Higherby Lamborghini Midnight, Kid Macdonald3:18
11.Panicby Oblique3:17
12.Shooting Starsby Cece Vee3:00
13.Far In Loveby P.Lima4:40
14.Lighthouseby Honey Beard3:42
15.Stop:rewindby Arcade Memories3:27
16.Tied Up (feat. Noyou)by The Endearing3:47
17.I Need That Fire (Envotion Remix)by ELSP, Teya Flow, Envotion3:17
18.Stick Aroundby Tommy Countach3:18
19.Perfect Paradiseby Arcade Ocean3:29
20.Constellationsby Coastal3:06